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Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Using essential oils as part of your daily routine will decrease your level of anxiety by a lot. 🌱

There are many impressive benefits and uses of Palo Santo essential oil, including its known potential abilities to prevent oxidative stress, properties, strengthen the immune system, eliminate inflammation, reduce stress levels, treat chronic pain, soothe nerve disorders, heal the skin and ease feelings of depression.

The lifespan of this tree is from ten to fifteen years, and in order to respect the Peruvian forest law it is after it reached its life cycle that it can be cut down and used. This oil is obtained from the distillation of the Palo Santo tree.


Diffuser use 

Here’s how and when you could use your Palo Santo essential oil on a daily basis.

First you’ll need a diffuser, add water and a few drop of your Palo Santo oil. Easy as that.
You can use it while:

✨ Meditating

✨Practicing yoga

✨Working/Studying ( this will also calm your stress and make your work space a more concentrating space)

✨Cleaning, specially during the summer, Palo Santo acts as a insect repelent.

✨As an after shower boost. Leave you diffuser go while you’re in the shower, when you get back your room will be smelling like paradise.

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