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Cinnamon & Sweet Orange shampoo bar

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Specially formulated for dry hair, our new solid shampoo will make your hair care easier, more lively and healthier.

This shampoo bar is refined with Peruvian vegetable oils that help strengthen dry and damaged hair. It helps create a protective barrier that leaves hair hydrated and with less frizz.

Adapting itself to your hair type. For those of you with curly, wavy and straight hair, this shampoo is perfect for you. It perfects curls leaving them bouncy and defined, also it leaves straight hair soft and untangled during the day. More than anything the amount of natural ingredients used for this duo is beneficial to treat hair loss, especially from hormonal changes during pregnancy or period cycles and weather changes that damage the hair. This shampoo helps with hair growth and it does not contain sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragances, SLS.
Cinnamon essential oil is full of antioxidants that helps reducing inflammation and preventing UV damage.

You will also notice that you will have to wash your hair less often.

Pro tips:

• massage your scalp before and during shampooing to help blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth.
• leave your rods out of reach of water to avoid waste.

Caution: Keep away from eyes, do not ingest. Do a skin test before first use.