About our essential oils - VAL Aromathérapie

At VAL Aromathérapie, we make sure our essential oils come from sustainable harvests. 

We import our Palo Santo from the world's most sustainable Palo Santo. Palo Santo trees grow in vulnerable forests in Peru. Supporting this 100% traceable Palo Santo helps preserve forests from clearing for agriculture.

Only naturally fallen dead wood are used. Fallen branches are collected after wind storms in partnership with traditional communities and under the supervision of the Peruvian ministry of forests (SERFOR).


Distillated from the fruit of Schinus molle, pink pepper oil is collected in Cusco from May to August for empowered women who make an organized work in their community.

A typical tree in Peru, has been part of our culture. Used since pre-hispanic times to create a pleasant atmosphere, today it becomes an exotic aroma for its special sweetness.



Source: EOP Essential Oils Peru, Arbor Mundi Natural Products