About VAL

VAL Aromathérapie is a Montreal/Peruvian family business, created by Sofia Llancari and Valeria Manrique. These two Peruvian women are committed to share with you the magic of Peruvian culture.

By supporting and promoting the responsible trade of natural ingredients, VAL offers you not only natural products, but also a new lifestyle.

Our natural products are made from organic ingredients and are not tested on animals. We focus on spiritual well-being and the connection between our soul and or body. 

Most of our oils come from reserves and forests protected by the Peruvian government. At VAL, we pay tribute to the rituals that our Incan ancestors practiced to energetically purify their souls.


Aromatherapy is a type of alternative treatment that uses essential oils or aromatic liquids from plants, barks, herbs and flowers that are rubbed on the skin, inhaled or added to the bath to promote physical and psychological well-being. Hence our essential oils, soaps, shower mists, candles and hair care products


At age 19 she decided to create VAL Aromathérapie along with her mother Sofia. Ever since she was a girl she loved mixing fragrances and try new things, now that has turned into this amazing project!
She studies Architecture and her goal is bring VAL and her professional career together. Designing houses, schools and health centers where poverty hits most in Latin America is what Valeria has planned for her future (and she's not far from it).
Her vision is making VAL a source of wellness and connection with your inner self by stating that taking time for yourself is not selfish and listening your body and its needs.
You will surely see her around in the boutiques VAL is at! 

Sofia, who is a mom, certified life coach & entrepreneur, considers VAL an excellent complement to her career.

Also she honors her Peruvian heritage by dancing and teaching Peruvian folklore. She began these amazing journey when she was 4 years-old and has never stopped ever since. 

Her life-coach career is focused on self-love and difficult times with your inner-self, with all the necessary knowledge she is able to help you become a better version of yourself and to learn how to love yourself first. 

Want to contact her? Follow her on Instagram and schedule a session with her @carlasofia.sherpa !