Why choose sustainable wellness products?

Sometimes when we decide to take a more sustainable lifestyle we have no idea where to start. The truth is there is no LIFESTYLE MANUAL on how to start, you just do. Little by little , habit by habit. 

The reason why we say that we want to make VAL Aromathérapie a lifestyle is because we made VAL our lifestyle. We used to be such control freaks with our time that we had no idea that we were missing out on what really mattered, OURSELVES. Of course we are not saying stop planning your life and time, but we should be part of our own plans. 

Taking the time to work on ourselves by practicing yoga, meditating, working out, even just taking a walk or doing whatever you like makes a huge difference on our mood and how we feel during the day. Simple as that. 

Wich is why at VAL Aromathérapie we got you covered with the tools to make that happen. 

We import all of our Peruvian ingredients from Peruvian native communities all across the country. We make sure that said forests and plantations are 100% protected by the Peruvian government since there has been problems with unauthorized harvesting and selling of those ingredients. We also support local businesses with other ingredients. 

Refills are available with most of our products, you just need to send us a email to info@valaromatherapie.com and we'll coordinate with you. 

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